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Norway Became World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation


Published by Healthy Food House, 11 May, 2019


“Currently, around 30,000 square miles (18.7 million acres) of forests are lost annually and is this rate continues, we should all be frightened. Therefore, if we do not take action, the trend of the disappearance of forests will continue. In 2016, Norway became the first country to pave the way to stop deforestation by banning it as a part of national law. The pledge was an idea of the Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Energy and Environment as part of the country’s Action Plan on Nature Diversity. Also, the country announced that any company that contributes to deforestation will not be supported by the government.

Norway has been dedicated to reducing massive deforestation and expanding its forests a lot in the last decade. It is actually deforested by about 58 square kilometers each year, which is very small, but it is aware of the extremely detrimental effects of deforestation, so their efforts ensure that their total forest area remains relatively constant, if not increases, each year. Between 2011-2015, the government contributed a total of $250 million to protect the forests of Guyana, which were in danger due to the excessive logging industry. In 2008, it donated $1 billion to Brazil to combat deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, and it led to a 75 percent decrease in deforestation by 2015.”

Sadly the new Brazilian government of 2019 led by Jair Bolsonaro takes a different view and rate of loss of Amazon forest has increased since his election to President of Brazil.

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