Are you looking for ways to improve your carbon footprint? Do you need to find solutions to cut your greenhouse gas emissions? Or are you looking for new business opportunities to implement to assist your clients?

We provide solutions for companies that can be implemented now, focussing on achieving lifecycle cost reductions. We help you by providing:

  • Impact assessments and solution recommendations
  • New client specific solutions using our inventor network
  • Development of new carbon credit opportunities
  • Licensed emissions reduction and sequestration solutions

We pay individuals for leads that turn into sales. If you can help us, please register your interest in the adjacent form to find out more.

We are seeking help to rapidly scale-up our business. If you are keen to help solve the climate crisis then please contribute.

As a private individual you can help us through our crowd funding campaign, which will be coming soon. Register your interest in the adjacent form and we will tell you as soon as our crowdfunding campaign goes live.

If you represent a major charitable trust or foundation wanting to solve the climate crisis and would like to help, then please contact us at:

We are looking for inventive people to provide solutions to a wide range of technical challenges. Join our web of inventors to find the right climate solutions and get rewarded for it – register your interest today using the adjacent form.

Are you a born problem solver? Do you have a technical background and any industrial or research experience? If so, you can contribute to solving climate problems and finding climate solutions at HCS and get paid for it. Sign up here to join our inventor network and receive notifications of upcoming climate challenges.

Who makes a good inventor? The more varied your experience and the older you are the more experience you will have to call upon. If you are a technical person, engineer, scientist, then you will also have specific technical skills; You may be a salesman or a buyer who is aware of problems and needs faced by your business counterparts; You could be a corporate lawyer who recognises limiting factors within current contracting arrangements. The point is that problem solvers can have many backgrounds. Essentially you should be good at observing and listening, always asking How? and Why/Why not? You may be regularly thinking of potentially better ways of doing many of the things around you, tenacious and interested in learning new information, creative, open to the possibility of being wrong and willing to use new knowledge to look for other answers, looking for solutions in other industries, or other walks of life – if this is you, then we invite you to join our inventor network.

Some solutions are ideal for start-up businesses. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record or completely new to running your own business we would like to hear from you.

Some of the scalable solutions we develop are better suited to start ups. We are looking for people who want to take on the challenge of running a start-up business which is devoted to a climate healing solution. Each business opportunity requires a slightly different approach, and we tailor our support according to the need, which includes one or more of the following, according to need:

  • A licensed and patented opportunity
  • Franchised branding
  • Technical support
  • Back office support
  • Access to start-up financing and carbon credits

Please register your interest today using the adjacent form.

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